• Social Business Conference "Business that Challenges"
    ISM University of Management and Economics
    Vilnius, 29 November 2020
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About the Conference

Social business conference of Creative Shock which is held during the final weekend of the competition aims to spread ideas of creativity and social entrepreneurship to the public. Over the years the audience grew from a few eager social business enthusiasts to an audience of more than 250 young people who are searching for meaning in their careers. Besides promoting social business as a career choice among the youth, the conference showcases that social entrepreneurship is an excellent mean to challenge yourself and create value for the society by tackling relevant problems.

In order to meet these objectives the team of Creative Shock collaborates with successful international and local social entrepreneurs and invites them to become speakers at the conference. By combining best international practices and first-hand stories, the conference is able to provide its visitors with a truly valuable and inspiring experience, thus promotes the concept of social business among the youth.

Creative Shock’s conference is getting ready for its 10th year with the topic “Business that Challenges” with another inspiring line-up of international speakers!


Lukas Kaminskis
Turing School - LTU
Jonathan Reyes
Fairbnb.coop - IT
Ben Sadler
Alive and Kicking - UK
Sara Osterholzer
Good Business Club CIC - UK

Meet the Host

Master of all trades - Lithuania