• Social Business Conference "Passion Meets Purpose"
    ISM University of Management and Economics
    Vilnius, 1 December 2018

About the Conference

Global social business conference of Creative Shock gathers around 300 young, ambitious and socially responsible people each year. The main goal of the conference is to introduce young leaders with the model of social business and challenges of dealing with social problems through business perspective. The conference invites Lithuanian and foreign social entrepreneurs and leaders who share their insights and experience about social business and various ways of contributing to the society. This conference is a great place not only to increase awareness about social entrepreneurship but also to meet and establish professional networks with leaders of social business around the world.

Passion Meets Purpose at ISM University of Management and Economics on the 1st of December. And guess what? You are welcome to join the meeting! Even more, there will even be 5 social business experts to introduce you and make sure you really get to know the duo.

What if passion and purpose could accompany you in your daily routine? What if you could make a change that matters by simply choosing what to work for?
This year Creative Shock invites everyone to International Social Business Conference “Passion Meets Purpose” to show social business as the way to work for something that contributes to a great cause and at the same time achieve personal career goals.

Helping you to get to know the duo

Dr Mick Jackson
WildHearts Group - UK
Tim van Wijk
Pirmas Blynas - Lithuania / The Netherlands
Alan Mahon
Social Bite & Brewgooder - UK
James Hughes
Brewgooder - UK
Clem Hinchliffe
The Soap Co. - UK

Jurgis Didžiulis

Master of all trades - Lithuania