Social Business Conference “Change The Game. Shape The World
ISM University of Management and Economics
Vilnius, 25 November 2023

Time left until the beginning of conference:

About the conference

Social business conference of Creative Shock which is held during the final weekend of the competition aims to spread ideas of creativity and social entrepreneurship to the public. Over the years the audience grew from a few eager social business enthusiasts to an audience of more than 250 young people who are searching for meaning in their careers. Besides promoting social business as a career choice among the youth, the conference showcases that social entrepreneurship is an excellent mean to challenge yourself and create value for the society by tackling relevant problems. 

In order to meet these objectives the team of Creative Shock collaborates with successful international and local social entrepreneurs and invites them to become speakers at the conference. By combining best international practices and first-hand stories, the conference is able to provide its visitors with a truly valuable and inspiring experience, thus promoting the concept of social business among the youth.  

Creative Shock’s conference is getting ready for its 13th year with the topic “Change the game. Shape the world” with another inspiring line-up of international speakers!

During 2021 conference of Creative Shock the traslation by Delfi was viewed by almost 40 thousand people (36 714).

Local Heroes, Global impact

This year conference will also include discussion: Local Heroes, Global Impact: Empowering Social Entrepreneurs.
We’ll explore how the actions of social entrepreneurs within their local communities can become powerful catalysts for addressing global issues and consider whether social entrepreneurship can be the remedy for revitalizing rural areas and creating sustainable change. Social entrepreneurs often have fantastic ideas for solving social issues, yet often lack business development, marketing, and communication competencies. How to bridge this gap and bring their innovations to life? Lastly, we’ll talk about making social business appealing to young people. What can draw them into the world of social entrepreneurship instead of opting for careers corporations? Young people can bring knowledge and fresh perspectives that many social entrepreneurs might be missing.
This discussion is initiated by Nordic Talks, Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania, Innovation Agency and „Geri norai“ NGO in cooperation with „Creative Shock“ conference.





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