About The Competition

Creative Shock is a global social business case competition for students which first took place in 2011. Participants every year are gathered to solve real life business, marketing and PR problems for social enterprises and organizations. By organizing this competition, we seek to introduce students to real life global social business models and to communicate how all traditional business strategies can be applied to social enterprises and organizations, improve students’ strategic thinking by challenging them with real marketing and management problems, promote social business all around the world.

Participants have to solve two social business cases in the preliminary rounds. The best 10 teams gather in Vilnius, Lithuania to solve the two final cases.

If you are experiencing any difficulties contact us directly at info@creativeshock.lt for more information.

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Creative Shock is an international social business case competition organized every year since 2011, by the students of the ISM University of Management and Economics.

The growth of the eighth time organized competition is reflected by the graphs given bellow. In 2018, Creative Shock gathered 1741 students from 101 countries around the globe.

The winners of Creative Shock 2018 are MBA students "Canadian Socialites" from Queen's University. Second place winners "Liberty Wasps" come from BI Norwegian Business School, the third place is taken by "Temoxicilin", a team from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Number of participants



Round-trip Plane Tickets

The winners of the competition get round-trip flight tickets, established by Turkish Airlines. They can be used in one year time period to any country of the winners' choice, that is in a list of provided destinations by Turkish Airlines.

Grand Prize

The best ten teams reach the Finals where they compete for valuable prizes. The winning team gets 2000 EUR grand prize.

Preliminary Rounds

First Round

In the first round teams of 3-4 students solve a social business case. Those who register as individuals will be divided into teams and will have to solve the case together with the assigned teammates virtually. First round solution counts for 60% of the final score of two preliminary rounds. The first preliminary round takes place online on Oct. 8 - 15.

Second Round

In the second round one of the social initiatives of the Baltic States is assigned to each of the teams. Participants have to create a low-cost, unconventional advertising idea with a view to promote the given initiative and publicize a social problem. The second round task is presented in short videos and evaluated by representatives of Lithuanian Marketing Association. Second round solution counts for 40% of the final score of two preliminary rounds. The second preliminary round takes place online on Oct. 16 - 25.

The finals

Day 1

The first day begins with an opening ceremony of the final weekend and welcoming words for TOP 10 teams. After that, the participants are involved in activities meant to get them acquainted with each other. In the evening, the teams improve their creativity and communication skills in a creative workshop. Afterwards, they attend a live music event.

Day 2

During the second day, the participants are presented with the first social business case, which they solve and present before the honorable jury.  After that, all teams participate in the Cultural Evening, where they present their countries and have a chance to find out about other cultures’ traditions.

Day 3

The third day begins with the Social Business Conference. Open lectures are held for the finalists and the public. International and local speakers share their ideas and thoughts on global business trends and social entrepreneurship. During the second part of the day, the teams are introduced to the Final Case study. The teams have only one night to provide their solutions and present them the next day to the jury of social entrepreneurs and business experts.

Day 4

The final day starts with an opening ceremony, where the Golden partner gives a greeting speech to all of the finalists. After the ceremony, the teams present their solutions for the final case study. Each team has 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for the questions of the jury. After announcing and awarding the winners, the Networking event is held where the teams, jury, partners and social organizations share their impressions about the final weekend.